Flyover - The Flôxo's Nest

Based in Faro, Algarve, Portugal


We are a company based in Algarve, Faro. However, we operate throughout Portugal. Within technical possibilities and at a logistical level, tell us of your aerial capture wishes, and you can count on us.


We are a young venturesome, and playful team who sees drones as a piece of incredible equipment that allows the ability to create unique and distinct images. But this is equally a high-risk job, so we take our work method very seriously to ensure the safety of everyone during flight time, from pre-production to the D day.


We are happy to work alongside other multidisciplinary teams to the better fruition of your project.


Drop us a line. Let's achieve something great together.

Basic Budget Requirements  


  • Designated flight dates;

  • GPS location or address;

  • Information of the site and quality of the flight ten working days before the due date;

  • Specifications of the desired image capture system;

  • Photo, video or both?;

  • Intended image quality;

  • Would it be required to fly above 120 meters?;

  • Would it be needed to fly over the sea?;

  • Time frame (is the flight at night?);

Each case is different, talk to us so that we can make a budget that covers your needs.

Contact us:



- Flight time 20-25 minutes per battery;

- Maximum wind speed 35 Km/h;

- Maximum distance from the pilot

and drone 800 meters;

- Speed up to 50 km/h;

- Requires one man team;


- Hasselblad 1-inch SMOS Sensor;

- Lens 28 mm;

- 4K 30p H.264;

- DNG (RAW) 20 MP Photo;



- Flight time 18-20 minutes per battery;

- Maximum wind speed 45 Km/h;

- Maximum distance from the pilot

and drone 500 meters;

- Speed up to 90 km/h;

- Requires one or two man team;


- DJI Zenmuse X5S MFT;

- Lens: 12, 15, 25, 45 mm;

- DNG (RAW) 20.8 MP Photo

- 5.2K 30fps Cinema DNG;

- 4K 59,94fps Apple ProRes;


- 20.8MP Photo ;


- DJI Zenmuse X7 Super 35 Sensor;

- Lens: 16, 24, 35, 50;

- 6K Cinema DNG;

- 5.2K Apple ProRes;

-14 Stops of Dynamic Range;

- DNG (RAW) 24 MP Photo